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What happens to women when women are not validated, heard, or SEEN?
The Center for Intimacy Recovery invites you to our next webinar moderated by Gary Katz, Founder & Director, LCSW, CSAT, CPTT-C

Featuring a special presentation and announcement with
Desiree Nazarian, Director, Seen, Intimacy Therapist, LMSW, CPTT-C.

Register for Webinar on Thursday, July 29th at 
8:00pm EST

This is a FREE Event
Registration is Required

Visible But Not SEEN

What happens to women when women are not validated, heard, or SEEN?

Desiree and Gary will explore and unpack the many blocks to women’s visibility due to:

  • The multitude of ways in which women are not seen

  • how to bring visibility to ourselves as women

  • learning and sharing what our needs are 

  • learning to be ok with being messy

  • learning how to make, operationalize, and maintain boundaries as a healthy functioning female

  • Women’s societal and cultural messaging

  • Women’s betrayal trauma and the different types that occur

  • Women’s intimacy

  • Women’s mental health

  • Women’s Sexual and reproductive health issues

Join us for what will be a compelling discussion on

This FREE Webinar is For:

  • Women interested in understanding the role society plays in gender

  • Women who identify with barriers to intimacy in their lives

  • Women who are tired of not being seen

  • Men interested in learning how some of the messaging they receive growing up impacts their views of women.

  • Professionals seeking support in learning how to help female-identifying clients shine their brightest 


Desiree Nazarian is a licensed female-identifying clinician with a passion to help women see and value themselves. Desiree works with clients from a trauma-informed lens and believes that all women have voice and choice.


Desiree believes that being seen is a reciprocal exchange for desire and connection and specializes in intimacy in an effort to increase client’s relational connectivity. She is particularly passionate about helping women reach their goals while elevating healthy intimacy and wholesome sexuality to the forefront.

Join the Center for Intimacy Recovery on Thursday, July 29th at 8:00pm EST

for our free online webinar "Visible But Not Seen. "

Coming soon:

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We are living in unprecedented times full of anxieties about our health, our loved ones, and economic insecurity. All of these raise new fears or kick up old ones.  Whatever your feelings are, they are valid. It is normal to need support and not face this crisis alone. 


During times of uncertainty, we all need support we can depend on.

The Center for Intimacy Recovery is here to help.

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