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David Rosenholtz - Intimacy Recovery Headshot.jpg

David Rosenholtz


Is looking back the key to a brighter road ahead? This is a question I constantly ask myself and also feel is important for clients to think about. My greatest belief is that one’s relationship with self is the most important relationship of all. Once that foundation is solid, relationships with others can be viewed in a healthy, open, and honest way. 

A graduate of the Wurzweiler School of Social work at Yeshiva University, I believe this work is one of connection, community, and serving clients to realize their entire worth and potential. As a group work specialist, I look forward to the continued creation of groups with clients willing to work together to provide support and guidance to each other. I also received a Creative Arts and Healing certification and love to apply unique tools and methods during sessions with clients. As a Phi Alpha Honor Society member, I continue to strive to promote humanitarian efforts through volunteer work with the NYC LGBT Community Center, The New York Anti-Violence Project, SAGE NYC, God's Love We Deliver, and The Trevor Project. I believe my work as a social worker stretches beyond my time with individual clients, and I must join community organizations to reach those that are the most in need. 

I approach all client sessions in a holistic, organic way, committed to building a safe, open environment where a client’s needs are observed and respected. I genuinely believe there is no one “correct way” to approach a session, and each client deserves a session tailored to their individual needs and desires. I ask clients to join me in concluding each session with a cleansing, meditative breathwork; allowing us both to reflect on what was said and move forward in a clear, relaxed state. 

With continued training through the HeartMath Institute, I continue to explore the connection of one’s mental, physical, and emotional state to align with their heart’s guidance. This work empowers me to be fully aware of my client’s present state and gives the strong desire to be sure they move forward in a positive light and love. I will always be honored to work with every person who comes my way; I deeply value the time and space together and will do whatever is possible to be a source of strength and guidance for you.

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