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Erica Felder

Sales & Practice Manager

Erica has dedicated over 12 years to  Patient Care, Customer Success and Practice Management within the Mental Health, MedSpa & Healthcare industries. With her experience, she holds extensive knowledge in her field(s) and has a strong commitment to supporting her providers, staff and clients.


She attended the University of the District of Columbia for Music Education/Vocal Performance. After 10 years of serving many communities throughout the United States- leading and coaching women of all ages, in 2018, She embarked on a career in Patient Care Management within the Healthcare/Medical Device Industry.


When Erica is not focused on Practice Management, Erica is a Trauma-Informed Yoga & Breathwork Practitioner. who specializes in Vinyasa, Yin, Somatic, & Restorative flows. Erica supports her clients through a holistic approach with an aim to amplify the voices of BIPOC in the yoga space while honoring the origins of yoga. She is passionate about cultivating a safe space for her clients to explore their feelings while helping them sit with the uncomfortable thoughts & sensations that can arise in the mind and body while working through past trauma and life experiences.


Erica’s focus is to always provide an inviting & safe environment from the first time you speak to our team about a consultation and throughout your therapy journey within Center for Intimacy Recovery & Seen Therapy at the Center for Women’s Intimacy

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