Join Rabbi Iggy from from the T'shuvah Center and Gary Katz, LCSW and founder of The Center of Intimacy Recovery in NYC, for a real conversation about spirituality, recovery, connection and codependency.

When: Thursday, July 30th @ 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST

Where: Virtual Live Video (via Zoom)

Addiction isn’t cut and dry, for everyone. Oftentimes, we can release a primary addiction on our path of recovery, only to uncover secondary addictions that were lingering under the surface.


When we peel off the primary addiction, we might find underlying issues around connection, intimacy and interpersonal issues. Some expressions of this may include sex addiction, codependency, love addiction, pornography addiction, and more.


In this 75 minute conversation, Rabbi Iggy and Gary Katz will discuss:

  • How to foster real connections as you move forward in your recovery (and in your life at large).

  • The relationship with yourself (and how it sets the stage for your relationships with others).

  • The intersection of intimacy and relationship challenges, and addiction.

  • The relationship between trauma and codependency.

  • The components of building healthy relationships and healing relationships, across romance, career, friendship, and family.

  • And more!

If you’re seeking greater intimacy in your relationships (and with yourself), then this is a must-attend event. RSVP Today!

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