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Shayka Alrodan


Shayka earned her Master of Art in psychological counseling and Master of Education in mental health counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University. She earned her Bachelor of Art in Psychology from Arizona State University.

Shayka has been trained to work from a multiculturally sensitive perspective while considering the intersectionality of people’s identities. People are complex beings and she understands that a person’s issues rarely stem from one source. Considering all aspects of a person’s identity plays a huge role in helping client’s gain insight around their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Not only is considering the bio-psycho-social dimensions of a person important, but the sociocultural dimensions of a person also play a huge role in one’s overall wellbeing.

This is why Shayka incorporates working from a social justice lens into her practice because people are affected by their sociocultural dimension just as much as their biological, psychological and social dimensions. The sociocultural dimension refers to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and culture.

Shayka is half Arab and half American and she understands the challenges that come along with trying to navigate a bicultural identity. People often try to pick one over the other, but in reality, two things can exist at once. Shayka appreciates all the layers of a person’s identity and is passionate about empowering her client’s to be their most authentic self while destigmatizing mental health issues.

The therapeutic alliance is a key element and best predictor of success in therapy
regardless of theoretical orientation. Shayka works on building a healthy therapeutic relationship through being empathetic and nonjudgmental with her client’s. Using an eclectic approach to meet her client’s where they are at, she pulls from a variety of theoretical orientations such as person centered, CBT, psychodynamic, and more depending on each individual’s needs and goals. You are the expert on yourself and my job is to actively listen and reflect while helping you be your most authentic self.


Shayka has experience working with individuals who battle depression, anxiety, anger, mood disorders, impulsive sexual behavior, and pedophilia.

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