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Join Gary Katz, LCSW, and Owner of Center for Intimacy Recovery and Tom Feegel, CEO of Beond, for a free webinar where they will discuss a recently released study by Stanford University and its implication for the treatment of all types of trauma and PTSD symptoms and specifically treatment for betrayal trauma.

Recently, a study was released by Stanford studying an unconventional way to help veterans with PTSD. It involved using a natural plant medicine from Africa called Ibogaine which has been used in a variety of healing ways for generations. As I read the study, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in symptoms between the veterans and what I have observed with betrayed partners and other clients suffering from trauma. Trauma symptoms, such as hyper-vigilance, increased anxiety, depression, irritability and mood swings, loss of desire to live, insomnia, headaches, difficulty focusing, a sense of overwhelm, and finally a sense of betrayal from someone that they had dedicated their life to.


That piece really caught my eye. Veterans often feel that their identity is partially defined by their commitment to serving their country. It’s something they take pride in. Then, after their service, they feel betrayed by the lack of resources and care that their county provides for them. The lip service given to them for their service and the big showy displays of thanks at NFL football games and other events can feel like gas-lighting. 


The study at Stanford was done using 30 veterans. After one month, “participants reported an average reduction of 88 percent in PTSD symptoms, 87 percent in depression symptoms, and 81 percent in anxiety symptoms. Cognitive function also appeared to improve after treatment.”


Click here to read an article from Scientific American about the Stanford study

Click here to read the Stanford study

"I went myself to try the treatment they used in the study.

It was the most transformative healing and spiritual experience I've ever had."

Please join us for a special webinar on Thursday, February 1st, discussing this new and innovative way of treating betrayal trauma as well as other types of trauma and sharing my experience. I’ll be joined by Tom Feegel, CEO of Beond, a licensed medical facility in Cancun, Mexico, which uses Ibogaine for the purposes of healing trauma, addiction and more. We will be joined by a betrayed partner who will share her experience and how combining an Ibogaine treatment and therapy helped her heal from her betrayal trauma.


We will also be announcing our new betrayed partner retreat to Cancun, Mexico, on March 8-17, which I will be leading that will combine Ibogaine treatment with individual and group therapy.

To sign up for the webinar, click here.



The group will be led by Co-Led by Gary Katz & Tom Feeble:

Tom Feegel

CEO of Beond Ibogaine

tom feegel.png

Tom Feegel, is career entrepreneur and co-founder of Beond Ibogaine, a network of premium ibogaine-assisted treatment and research facilities in Mexico that serves clients suffering from trauma & PTSD, addiction, and those striving for improved health and optimization. Beond Ibogaine is equal parts hospital, rehabilitation center, retreat and resort serving a diverse patient population simultaneously. 


In addition to its treatment environments and breakthrough use of telemedicine, Beond Ibogaine is recognized for its category-defining commitment to the advancement of cutting-edge software and technology to enhance its facility-based mental health treatment environment. Rooted in a philosophy of client-centric self-motivation, self-guidance, and self-sustaining education, the organization provides participants with the tools and practices necessary to delve into the roots of personal struggles. Beond Ibogaine's innovative approach empowers individuals to explore the underlying causes of disconnection from their true selves, loved ones, and the natural world—a disconnection that often contributes to debilitating conditions such as severe depression, anxiety, behavioral addiction and chemical dependency. Through pioneering solutions, Beond Ibogaine is revolutionizing the path to healing, offering hope and a transformative journey towards authentic self-discovery and lasting recovery.

Previously, Tom served as partner at two of the leading management consulting firms focused on innovation, and as the CEO of EO Products, the largest plant-based personal care company, and as a founding executive at Brandless, a SF-based venture backed e-commerce company that delivers better-for-you (organic, gluten-free, environmentally sustainable) consumer goods to the world at $3. 


Tom embodies the essence of innovation, fearlessly challenging conventions and stretching the limits of what can be achieved. His resolute determination, forward-looking perspective, and adeptness at navigating ambiguity establish him as a genuine trailblazer and a formidable thought leader in business.


A father of five, Tom is married and spends most of his time in Mexico.

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