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Sexual addiction is not defined by the type of sexual behavior but rather by the inability to stop despite the high risk or potential for negative consequences.

Sexual addiction shares some common traits found in all addictions.

  • The inability to stop

  • Engaging in behaviors that are not in line with one’s value system

  • High-risk behavior (Risking one’s relationship, job, safety, etc. to attain)

  • Needing a “fix” to feel better

  • Increased tolerance – The more you have it, the more you need it and the more you need to reach the same point

  • Engaging in the addiction gives a sense of comfort, “numbing out” or relieving anxiety


  • A way to disconnect or escape

  • A compulsion where you feel you can’t stop

  • An confused attempt at finding love

  • A way to get affirmation or feel important  (Even when there are plenty of other places that you are getting it.)

  • A way to deal with feelings of low self-esteem

  • A way of keeping real intimacy at arms length

  • A way to have power and control

  • A reenactment of a childhood trauma

Sexual addiction is really about searching fo something to feel better.


  • A moral weakness

  • A sign that you don’t love your spouse/significant other

  • An indication that you aren’t getting enough sex in your relationship

  • A guarantee that you won’t be able to have a successful relationship

  • An excuse to hide behind

  • A problem that can’t be treated


  • Repeated infidelities and emotional or physical affairs

  • Frequenting prostitutes, massage parlors, or strip clubs

  • Compulsive use of pornography

  • Compulsive masturbation

  • Anonymous Sex

  • Obsessive romantic or sexual fantasies

  • Engaging in relationships that cross boundaries or are high risk

Sex addiction is very serious but it can be treated. There is hope and freedom from the cycle of self-destructive behaviors.

Making that first call for help can be scary and intimidating but that’s where your journey to healing and freedom begins.  All calls are kept confidential. Call us today.

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Unsure if you have a sexual addiction?

Take our free online sexual addiction assessment and find out if you can benefit from further diagnosis and treatment.

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