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Pornography addiction allows the viewer to “escape” into his own world of images and fantasy.  Viewers often describe themselves as being in something like a trance where they “wake up” and realize they have been surfing the Internet and viewing pornography for hours on end.

Pornography addiction can include some or all of the following:

  • Unsuccessful repeated attempts to stop or limit the amount of time watching pornography

  • Viewing pornography in locations that are dangerous to watch it (work, etc.)

  • Hiding pornography or the amount of time used to view it from others

  • Lying to others about the amount of time used to view pornography

  • Unable to stop watching pornography despite negative consequences such as relationships being damaged or job loss

  • Having relationships affected as a result of viewing pornography

  • Preferring to view pornography instead of being with one’s partner or dating

  • Needing to re-create pornographic images in your head in order to stay aroused while engaging in sex with a real person

There is additional shame surrounding addiction to pornography that doesn’t exist with some other addictions. Embarrassment or shame can cause one to hold back from reaching out for help.  “All guys watch porn!”, is something you might be telling yourself in order to minimize the severity of the problem.  The questions that you have to ask yourself are only two:

  1. Is my pornography viewing getting out of control?

  2. How much longer do I want to wait until I can be free of this?

Help is available.  We work with many individuals who have been able to find freedom and relief from pornography and have more meaningful relationships in their lives. Contact us today.

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The fastest growing problem in the past 10 years, addiction to pornography has become more prevalent as a result of smartphones, social media and the Internet.  Pornography has now become instantly accessible for little or no cost on the very same instrument that you use for work, school or socializing.  People can look at images, videos, live web-cams, or cruise for sexual partners in relative secrecy without anyone else knowing what they are doing.

Unsure if you have a pornography addiction?

Take our free online pornography addiction assessment and find out if you can benefit from further diagnosis and treatment.

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