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Adrian Mullings

Recovery Coach

Adrian serves as a coach to guide people in recovery. He works on multiple levels with clients, introducing them to recovery and walking side by side on their journey in getting acclimatized to the recovery process and through day-to-day challenges that come up.  He also guides clients through the twelve steps of recovery to witness sustainable and life-changing sobriety and recovery while coordinating the client’s team of practitioners such as therapists, psychiatrists, etc.


Adrian typically meets with clients once or multiple times per week to facilitate comprehensive support for recovery and to increase the client’s capacity for intimacy that is spiritual (not religious), personal (mind, body and soul), and relational (marital, parental, familial, etc.)


Adrian passionately serves clients through 3 phases of recovery:


The Dry Phase

Supply clients with tools and techniques to distance themselves from their destructive addictive behaviors.


The Sobriety Phase

Guide clients methodically and thoroughly to work the 12 steps of their respective addiction[s] to attain a profound serenity and peace rooted in self-love and healthy-soothing.


The Recovery Phase

Clients live a life rooted in sobriety and are gifted to be reconnected to their true selves.

Adrian earned a Bachelors of Science and Engineering in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University and a certificate in Business Ethics from Oxford University. He has worked as a mentor/coach for Ivy League students to provide comprehensive support and a safe-space to be seen and heard.

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