Gilbert Nick


Gilbert has over a decade of experience and training treating adults suffering with anxiety, depression, substance misuse and complex trauma. He has worked with clients coping with compulsive behaviors around sex, issues related to low self-esteem and identity, social stress and family conflict. Gilbert seeks to support clients in addressing present-day challenges by exploring the influence of past experiences on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and gaining a deeper understanding of difficult emotions (fear, shame, guilt, isolated, othered) that may be causing distress and affecting one’s sense of belonging, safety and genuineness with others.


Gilbert’s orientation is multicultural, psychodynamic and relational. His style is conversational, emotion-focused and humble. While he incorporates a range of empirically-supported approaches in his work with clients, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing and solutions-focused therapy, Gilbert believes that the therapeutic relationship is of critical importance for discovery, problem-solving and healing.


Through the therapeutic process, Gilbert supports clients in gaining a greater sense of their values and goals, enhancing their ability to manage emotions, and experience more confidence in expressing their thoughts, wishes and needs. He aims to create a safe, non-judgmental, sex positive space where clients can feel at ease to talk openly and share aspects of themselves. Currently, he provides individual and group therapy.


Gilbert earned his Master’s of Social Work in Advanced Clinical Practice from Columbia University, and he teaches social work courses in substance use and clinical practice at the graduate level.