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Michelle Cruz

Michelle joins the practice with over twenty years in corporate training and education. She has worked with all levels throughout organizations from CEO’s to frontline representatives. The various training programs she facilitated all came down to one aspect: treat people with dignity and respect.


She has also taught classes at the college level as well as adults returning to complete their high school education. The same pattern emerged: treat people with dignity and respect. Michelle believes very person has a story, and no one knows that story better than the individual.


Helping others deal with past traumas, in order to realize their full potential has always inspired Michelle no matter the role she is fulfilling. Her desire to de- stigmatize mental illness and addictions drew her to the field of social work. As an advocate for mental health, Michelle decided to embark on a new career.


She began the online graduate program in Social Services at Fordham University the beginning of 2021.

Consultation Specialist & Administrator

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