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Introductory Group:

Seeking Healthier Connections

6 Week Men's Group

"Seeking Healthier Connections" is an introductory group that focuses on helping those who are asking themselves:


  • "Why am I having so much trouble finding a meaningful relationship?"

  • “Should I be concerned about my sexual behaviors or use of pornography?”

  • Why do I keep picking the 'wrong' kind of people?"

  • "How can I something more meaningful than Grindr?"

  • “I’ve tried to stop hundreds of times. Why can’t I stay stopped?”

  • “Why am I not able to stop doing things that hurt me or my loved ones?”

  • “Why does sex or porn have so much power over me?”

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​This group is a combination of psycho-educational and experiential exercises designed to help members get a better understanding of themselves and their behavior, especially in relation with others. It also lays the groundwork for group members to begin to change patterns and behaviors which hold them back or may be self destructive and begins to heal the causes for out of control sexual behaviors and negative patterns in relationships. 


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Seeking Healthier Connections

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