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The Center for Intimacy Recovery will be beginning a new 6 Week Session of our Women's Intimacy Group:

How to Bring Healthier Intimacy Into Your Life

This intimacy group is for women who are seeking:

  •         Deeper levels of intimacy

  • Stop making “bad” picks

  • To stop missing the red flags

  • How to find and create healthier relationships

  • To change unhealthy relationship and sexual patterns

  • Being healthier in a current relationship

  • Healthy sexuality

When: Wednesdays, beginning on December 6th, 5:30-6:00 pm

Where: Virtual Live Video (via Zoom)

Co-Led by: Gary Katz, LCSW, CSAT  Learn More About Gary

& Takiyah Walcott, LMFT  Learn More About Takiyah

Cost: $399

(One individual session will be required for new clients.)

This group is a combination of psycho-educational and experiential exercises designed to help women reach a better understanding of themselves and their behavior, especially in relation with others. It also lays the groundwork for group members to begin to change patterns and behaviors which hold them back or may be self-destructive and begins to heal the causes for negative patterns in relationships.


Each week will be looking at a different approach in how childhood experiences impact our approach to closeness and intimacy as adults. We’ll also be looking at different ways people avoid intimacy such as taking a one-up or one-down position in a relationship, idealizing partners, rushing in with unsustainable intensity, mistaking intensity for intimacy, fault finding, etc.

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What makes us different?


We don’t discuss intimacy

We do intimacy.


Learning to be relational comes from being relational.


The intimate relationship is an integral part of the healing experience. 


Our staff works intimately with our individual clients to help them discover and see their authentic selves.


We help couples develop or deepen their intimacy on all levels and to remove the obstacles that hold them back from feeling more intimately connected.


Our Intimacy Groups are living, breathing experiences of intimacy


. For us, the relationship between therapist and client is sacred.

It’s more than someone to tell stories to.

It’s more than “a friend who listens.”

It’s more than someone telling you to do “self care.”

It’s more than someone who gives you advice.


The relationship with your therapist should be one of the most intimate experiences of your life

At the Center for Intimacy Recovery it is.

Unsure if you have a sexual addiction?

Take our free online sexual addiction assessment and find out if you can benefit from further diagnosis and treatment.

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