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The Center for Intimacy Recovery is excited to offer a one of a kind healing retreat for betrayed partners in partnership with Beond Ibogaine in Cancun, Mexico on July 14-21.

"I came because somebody betrayed me but I’m leaving knowing that I’m not going to betray myself ever again.”

“I’m ready to show up for me now.”

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I feel the best I’ve ever felt.”

“I can’t remember the last time I woke up and felt excited.”

What is Beond?

We combine modern medical expertise, psychedelic plant medicine & refined hospitality - we help people heal trauma & optimize life.  

Beond is not a clinic, a detox, a rehab, or a therapeutic retreat.

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We are all of this and more.

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Please join us for this one of a kind experience with other women where you can be surrounded in a nurturing, caring atmosphere with all of your needs taken care of. Experience ten days of high level clinical care, combined with a healing psychedelic experience and daily adjunct therapies such as yoga, aquatics, breath work, meditation and massage.

This is an opportunity to find much of the healing that you have been seeking on a deep and experiential level. Partners often work harder than most to find healing. Yet the process is long and painful.

They have read every book on betrayal trauma, listened to multiple podcasts, attended many groups and webinars, utilized the tools suggested to them and still are in pain. The gap between knowledge to healing and symptom reduction remains wide.

Beond's proprietary protocols are used to treat the full range of diagnoses

Substantial Use Disorders

Fentanyl, Opioid & Heroin Addiction

Stimulant & Cocaine Addiction

Suboxone & Methadone Dependency

Alcohol Addiction

Mood, TBI & PTSD




Behavioral Addiction

Beond History & Overview

  • Founded in 2021

  • Incorporated in U.S. & Mexico

  • Fully licensed, credentialed, legal operations in Cancun, MX

  • A premium clinical facility/operations in MX

  • Provides clients with the industry's safest treatments. Offers effective preparation and integration services on-site & via telemedicine.

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This retreat is geared to help participants not just learn but experience:

Symptom reduction from the PTSD symptoms as a result of betrayal.

Healing much of the grief and loss that accompanies betrayal.

Attain space from the personalized nature of betrayal injuries.

Stepping into empowerment as never before.

Our Betrayed Partner Retreat from July 14th to 21nd Includes:

  • During the retreat, twice daily group therapy as well as individual sessions through the Center for Intimacy Recovery with Gary Katz, LCSW.

  • 3 virtual group sessions pre & post retreat with Gary Katz. 

  • One-on-one pre & post integration integration coaching sessions with an integration specialist from Beond.

  • Communication and partnership with your current therapist, coach or treatment provider.

  • Holistic medical care and highly advanced medical administration of ibogaine treatment supervised at all times by a licensed team of doctors and nurses.

  • Daily adjunct therapies (yoga, aquatics, meditation, movement, breath work, massage and more).

  • Daily massage. 

  • Nutritional support (featuring gourmet meals prepared with local, fresh ingredients). 

  • Acute & remote long term aftercare support. 

  • Our all inclusive pricing includes all accommodations and private ground transportation in Mexico.

Participation is contingent upon medical approval from the medical staff at Beond and clinical approval from the staff at the Center for Intimacy Recovery. 


The retreat will be from July 14th - 21st and the cost is $9,950.



  1. Click Here to Complete the Application *

  2. Be clinically approved by the Center for Intimacy Recovery staff.

  3. Be medically approved by the Beond Ibogaine medical staff.

  4. Payment in full is due by July 1st, 2024.

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