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The difference between love and “love addiction” is the compulsivity in seeking out love and relationships or the obsessiveness with the person who is the object of love.

Love addiction can be confusing because love itself often an intense high feeling.


Countless songs, literature and movies all convey how powerful an emotion love is.

Some common signs of love addiction are:

  • Your self-esteem is based on your relationship or being loved by someone

  • You often become obsessed with your partner

  • You are consumed by your relationship

  • You jump from one relationship to another

  • You find yourself trying to re-create the “high” feeling in your relationship

  • No matter how much your partner shows his/her love for you, it doesn’t feel enough

  • You repeatedly find yourself in high-drama relationships

  • Your tend to ignore other parts of your life because of your relationship or while seeking one

  • You use love or your relationship as a reason to not do other positive things for yourself

  • You find yourself lost in your relationships

  • You or your partner use love or sex as a way to manipulate the other

  • You wonder or have been told that you might have unrealistic expectations regarding loving and giving in relationships

  • You find yourself jealous when your partner spends time with friends or family

  • You need to be in constant contact and engagement with your partner

  • You find yourself putting your partner’s needs above yours to the point of detriment to yourself

  • You feel that if someone loves you then you are worthy and lovable

  • You feel that being in love or in a relationship will solve your problems

Love addiction serves the same function as all other addictions.  The love addict uses love or relationships to avoid painful or uncomfortable feelings.

Recovery from love addiction begins with discovering and owning the behaviors of love addiction.  It then entails dealing with the underlying roots of love addiction that often is connected to unmet needs for love, affirmation and self-worth in childhood.  This concludes with the ability to have healthier, more meaningful relationships and the ability to keep them in balance with the rest of one’s life.

If you believe you are experiencing signs of love addiction

we can help in your journey to better balance and a better relationship.


Contact us today.

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