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Women Supporting Women

The Women Supporting Women group provides a safe and encouraging forum for women to share their experiences and tap into their resiliency as women. All of our groups are designed to be inclusive of all belief systems and individual values, creating a non-judgmental, supportive and confidential environment.


We explore the relationship with self & how this impacts our experiences in life and relationships with others.

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Topics include:


  • Recent changes in life such as loss of work, marital or relationship status.

  • Exploring different adaptive coping skills - which and which ones help and which ones hold us back.

  • The individual nature of healthy sexuality, reducing sexual shame and examining cultural messages about female sexuality.

  • How childhood experiences impact our relationships in our adult life, personally and professionally.

  • Defining healthy boundary setting in all types of relationships.

  • Anxiety and worry that may have already existed or been brought up by our current pandemic.

  • Have you always been "the strong one" or “the responsible one” – why some women are often cast into that role and how it becomes a part of their identity.

  • Self-care

  • Transitioning from being a people pleaser to one who sets boundaries and says yes to yourself the roles we choose to play in our lives

  • How to tame your inner critic.

  • Processing grief and loss.

  • Making better choices with relationships.

  • Developing and deepening spiritual practices.

Please contact us for scheduling information on our upcoming programs.

This group is facilitated to inspire and provide an educational, dynamic and uplifting experience. In the company of other women, participants are encouraged to discover new abilities and move toward becoming their fully realized self. Co-facilitated by two female therapists, the group is currently held virtually with a plan to reassess in the future.

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