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Shawna Starkman


Shawna graduated from Thomas Jefferson University with a Masters of Science in Couples and Family Therapy, specializing in sex therapy. She believes in treating intimacy and sexual issues in the most holistic and integrative way possible by looking at the whole system, mind, body and spirit.


Shawna spent the first half of her working life as a set and interior designer, a career that gave her entry into hundreds of homes and insights into complex relationships. She was witness to a first hand look at the internal workings of family systems. At a certain point, the future of the couple and family started to mean more to her than finding the perfect fabric or rug. She decided to follow her heart, return to school, and become a sex, intimacy, and relationship therapist.  She is driven by the concept that pleasure is a right every human has, and that sometimes we need a reminder of that fact.


Shawna believes in strength-based modalities and empowerment of the individual. She integrates eclectic methods that include Internal Family Systems, Gottman Techniques, Solution Focused Therapy and CBT to construct a unique approach to every client. Shawna provides a warm and safe space to explore sexual empowerment and intimacy connection, gain greater pleasure alone and together, and tap into her clients’ creative energy, flow and vitality.

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