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Sophie Talmadge Silleck

Clinical Intern

Sophie (she/her) is a second year Masters of Social Work student at New York University.  Prior to NYU Silver, Sophie became a certified recovery peer advocate and addiction recovery coach.  She has worked at an outpatient detox center and rehab with individuals in recovery for substance and alcohol use disorders and has volunteered as a crisis counselor.


By using motivational interviewing and a person centered approach, Sophie strives to create a collaborative environment where clients can work on goals they have set for themselves.  She believes therapy is a place for exploration free from judgment, shame, and stigma as well as a space to foster open and honest conversations.  Sophie believes in the importance of holding space for clients to identify their strengths and seek personal empowerment.


Sophie has always cared deeply about the wellbeing of others and finds great joy in working with clients.  She fervently believes that everyone should have fulfilling intimacy and pleasure in their lives as well as feel comfortable in their bodies.  Sophie hopes to positively shift the narrative around sexuality in order to have more candid and genuine conversations.

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